Engineering and Innovation


The Dawson County Middle School Technology Lab is an interactive connections class that applies the skills that are taught in math and science by the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers. Classroom instruction utilizes hands-on activities along with implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards for Middle School Technology Education. These standards implement a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math curriculum commonly known as STEM. This curriculum provides an active context and relevance for the regular education subject areas.

Each grade has its own unique set of standards and applications. They are listed below:

6th Grade Course - Exploring Engineering and Technology

Students will:
1. examine the nature of engineering & technology.
2. evaluate the impacts of engineering & technology on society.
3. explain the engineering design process.
4. demonstrate an understanding for a technological world through hands-on projects.
5. analyze the designed world of engineering, electronics, manufacturing, and energy systems.
6. examine and research careers in fields related to engineering & technology.
7. develop leadership skills and work ethics.

7th Grade Course - Innovation and Invention

Students will:
1. learn the concepts of invention and innovation.
2. examine the core concepts of engineering and technology.
3. demonstrate engineering design and problem solving skills.
4. invent or innovate a technological product.
5. examine the impact of inventions and innovations on society.
6. develop leadership skills and work ethics.

8th Grade Course - Technology Systems

Students will:
1. develop an understanding of the Universal Systems Model.
2. develop an understanding of how the design process is used to develop a technological system.
3. develop an understanding of how humans interact with systems.
4. develop an understanding of how systems evolve from one stage to another.
5. recognize and be able to forecast trends in the development of technological systems.
6. recognize relationships among technologies and assess the impact of integrated systems.
7. develop leadership skills and work ethics.

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